Dunn Technology was founded by Charlie Dunn in March 2019 with a sole focus on developing new and innovative technology that is accessible to everyone. As the company began, Charlie hired Joseph Jones & Ahmed Soltan all of whom he met in college whilst studying A-Level Computer Science.


The company is hard at work developing its flagship project, ProjectRED which should be released in the early-mid 2020s.


The team is also developing a wide range of other products across multiple fields including hardware, software, services & much more.


The Team


Charlie Dunn - CEO & Founder

The Founder of Dunn Technology Group, Charlie's dream since a young age was to launch his own technology company. Since he was around 13 Charlie has quietly thought up the idea of ProjectRED and since starting College in 2017 where he studied A-Level Computer Science and Graphic Design, Charlie decided the time was now to push forward with the idea of ProjectRED where he brought in Fellow Computer Science Students Joseph & Ahmed

So far Charlie has developed the company to its current state and is constantly working on designs, plans, and other products.

Whilst in school Charlie was the chairman of the eco-group & lead them to the platinum award in addition to running the school radio station.


Joseph Jones - Executive Assistant

Joseph Jones is the Executive Assistant or informally, Charlie's right-hand man. Joe joined the company at its foundation when Charlie posed the idea to them in a computer science lesson. Since the start of the company, Joe has been a key member in thinking of new ideas and ways to grow to the company and how we will proceed when we achieve funding and set up properly. 

Before starting his A-Levels, Joe spent 4 years living in China where he achieved his IGCSE's. 

Joe is also a self-confessed "Train Spotter" and he has his own Instagram blog page @welsh_trainspotter, which is approaching 1000 followers where he posts about his travels.


Ahmed Soltan- Head of Design: ProjectRED

Ahmed Soltan is the Head of Design for ProjectRED within the company. 

Ahmed was born and grew up in Egypt before moving to the UK in 2015 where he studied his GCSE's. In 2017 he began studying his A-Levels in college and met Charlie, where they both worked on a poster in their graphics class & have been friends since (except during El Classico where Ahmed Supports Real Madrid & Charlie Supports Barcelona).

Like Charlie, Ahmed has studied Computer Science & Graphic Design and will be joining the team fully in September.

Dunn Technology Group Ltd. is a UK based technology company founded in 2019 with a focus on software &  cloud services.