Our Vision is to develop a world where technology becomes seamless & accessible to everyone.

As a company, our vision for the future is simply to create affordable & accessible technology whilst making huge strides in innovation that pushes the Company, the United Kingdom and the world forward. 


Internally, we have big ambitions. Upon the launch of ProjectRED, our flagship development, we hope to become the 5th largest OS in terms of market share within one year & have a portfolio of cloud services that can ensure that we have a regular source of income. In addition to this, we wish to be the largest company within the UK within 10 years of ProjectRED's Launch.


On a global scale, we want to not only make technology better but more accessible by creating low-cost yet quality products targeted at developing nations such as India and some African Nations.


We also want to create flagship hardware that is extremely powerful, reliable & built to the highest standards 

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